frequently asked questions

I am new to Buddy Ball Band where do I begin?

Visit our Youtube page

After buying our system you should receive the 10 minutes workout so you can start training right away. 

Make every move 3 times for a 30 minutes workout!

Who is this workout good for?

New moms who need to get a stronger core.

Woman who want to get a stronger core, butt and legs.

Seniors who need a gentle workout to improve balance and stability.

Women or men who need to build more stability and balance and injury recovery.

Do I need any equipment for the BBB Strong class or workout?

Yes, you need a ball and our Buddy Ball Band to start working out with Buddy Ball Band and join any classes live or virtual. 

What is the Buddy Ball Band made of?

High quality elastic bands made of 75% nylon and 25% silk latex.

What is included in the BBB System?

In our system you will get a Pilates ball (gray color) and a band (you can select between black and white or purple and blue)

Or you can get just the band if you already have a ball at home.

How do I inflate the Ball?

Our balls are all standard grey balls used for Pilates, yoga or barre.

To start:

You can open the hole in the ball removing the white plastic closure on top.

Insert the plastic straw to inflate it manually.

When ball is inflated to 95% capacity put back the top carefully not letting any air out and you are done!

The Pilates ball should be easy to squeeze and should not be tight.

There are also many Youtube tutorials under "How to inflate a Pilates mini ball".

What are the uses of the Buddy Ball Band?

Our band can be used for:




-Injury recovery

-Body alignment and posture

-Physical therapy and more. 

We developed a unique workout system by trainers that loved our concept so you can get on the ball and enjoy the benefits.

Our band is not a resistance band. It is not designed to replace a resistance band. There are many bands like this that you can purchase.

Can I return my order?

Any missing or damaged orders will be replaced if you send us a picture of the damage and product and we will happily replace it at no cost.

Shipping your order

Shipping charges are $4-$10 dollars by USPS plus we charge a handling fee.

We ship your order the same day we receive it most of the time unless there is a holiday. 

USPS first class is very affordable and usually takes 3 to 5 days depending on the state.

Our site sells international too so please send us an email to for more information or try our shipping calculator in our website. 

Do you offer corporate fitness?

Yes we do. We can help your company employees with our virtual classes and equipment. 

At the office you can help your employees giving them our system to be used anywhere even at their own desk!

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do. We sell wholesale to gyms and studios please contact us to give you more information.

How do I become a Buddy Ball Fitness Trainer?

Yes we are looking for trainers to start teaching classes with us. Please contact us so we can send your information to our Fitness Director Roxanna Benjamin.

Email us for more information to