Get all the benefits! not the fall!

Buddy Ball Band (patent pending) prevents ball dropping and rolling away! Never drop your ball again with the new Buddy Ball Band System. It stays perfectly in place as you exercise during your Barre or Pilates class so that you can "go hard" without reservation. Sweat hard without chasing balls! Guaranteed!  

Sculpt Your Physique with our system. A strong core makes your entire body stronger and you'll be able to develop better balance and toned muscles. Our band is not a resistance band but very effective. Scroll down to see our moves!

Not sure where to start? We’ve made it easy with an included exercise video tutorial or join a live class that will help you blast fat away from unwanted areas and build lean, attractive muscle right where it matters most – your core!

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Buddy Ball Band System

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The Buddy Ball Band System makes sure the ball stays in place so you stay in the zone.
No more disruptions or distractions!


WorKout and Exercises

The Buddy Ball Band keeps you on the ball because it attaches to your body and stays in place. We created unique moves developed by personal trainers to enhance and FIRE UP your workout with our system.

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Leg extension / Squeeze

Kick back with and squeeze the ball to activate your core.

Standing Extension / Squeeze

Standing kick back and squeeze to activate your abs.

Squat / Squeeze

Squat up and down while squeezing the ball. Feel the BURN

Side Kick / Squeeze

Hold on a chair kick to the side and squeeze the ball!

Glutes Bridge / Squeeze

Move your butt up and down while squeezing the ball.


Squeeze the ball and extend the legs straight up to BURN!

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