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  • Deal is for 1 ball and 1 band,  Instructional video, and online classes!

  • Get toned, slim, and strong. Get better alignment and posture! 

  • Great cardio workout. Helps you to lose weight. Get that Bikini Body!

(BUY TWO for an additional $10)

The Buddy Ball Band System

ATTACHES the ball in place, increasing YOUR RANGE OF MOTION AND stability for your moves, and keeps it from rolling away!

Fitness balls enhance your workout by adding resistance, creating unique angles to work your core, and provides BETTER COORDINATION AND BALANCE.

Problem is, balls easily fall and roll away. You waste too much time chasing the ball.

But not anymore! Buddy Ball is perfect for all FITNESS LOVERS including Pilates, yoga, barre exercising, fitness and more!

Buddy Ball Band lets you sculpt your body with enhanced ISOMETRIC powerful exercises!

Buddy Ball Band lets you work on your core until it's tight and slim.

Now you can make any exercise a core exercise without having to worry about ball stability.

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Buddy Ball Band System

You’ll really get your heart rate up, scorching calories to help you lose weight WITH


We are serious about results!

See what others are saying...



" This product was my savior, the system helps to keep the exercise ball in place without struggling or

carrying it to do exercises. Also includes an exercise guide video to start using it on routines. I just love the concept and is unique! Is easier and practical to do exercises without paying attention on where I carry the ball or if it slips. I also incorporate it to my exercise mat so I can carry the ball and the mat at the same time."



" Speaking from an instructor's point of view I can attest to how distracting it can be to have

the exercise balls roll away and then trying to help the students get back in position. The BBB is UH-MAZING in the sense that 100% of the time you will never lose the ball because the bands do an excellent job of keeping the ball in place, so you can pay attention to your form! I think this product is great for beginner and advanced students as well as everyone in between because it will aid the beginners and challenge the rest to go harder in their moves!"



" I love it. I really like Buddy Ball.

It’s very easy to use and I have a good work out with this because it allows me to have more control with the ball. Instead focusing in the ball I can focus more in the exercise plus it adds more resistance to my exercise routines. That’s really good."



" The Buddy Ball Band is a creative prop combo

that reduces the potential ball drop during an intensive Barre class! Keeps the ball right where you want it.👌"

I am new to Buddy Ball Band where do I begin?

After buying our system you should receive the 10 minute workout so you can start training right away.

Perform every move 3 times for a 30 minute workout!

Who is this workout good for?

New moms who need to get a slimmer and stronger core. Woman who want to get a stronger core, butt and legs. Seniors who need a gentle workout to improve balance and stability. Women or men who need to build more stability and balance and injury and rehabilitation from injuries.

Do I need any equipment for the BBB Strong class or workout?

Yes, you need a ball and our Buddy Ball Band to start working out.  Enjoy our Buddy Ball Band and join any classes live or virtual.

What is the Buddy Ball Band made of?

High quality elastic bands made of 75% nylon and 25% silk latex.

What is included in the BBB System?

In our system you will get a Pilates ball (gray color) and a band (you can select between black and white or purple and blue) .Or you can get just the band if you already have a ball at home.

How do I inflate the Ball?

Our balls are all standard grey balls used for Pilates, yoga or barre.

To start:

You can open the hole in the ball removing the white plastic closure on top.

Insert the plastic straw to inflate it manually.

When ball is inflated to 95% capacity put back the top carefully not letting any air out and you are done!

The Pilates ball should be easy to squeeze and should not be tight.

There are also many Youtube tutorials under "How to inflate a Pilates mini ball".

What are the uses of the Buddy Ball Band?

Our band can be used for:




-Injury recovery

-Physical therapy and more.

We developed a unique workout system by trainers that loved our concept so you can get on the ball and enjoy the benefits.

Our band is not a resistance band. It is not designed to replace a resistance band. 

Can I return my order?

Satisfaction guaranteed. 

If you have any issues with the band within 60 days we will gladly replace it for a new one. 

We guarantee the ball for 6 months and our band for a whole year we will replace defective product at no cost.