What are you practicing to keep your mental health?

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29 Aug , 2020

Following a routine during stressful times is key to maintain your mental health, like giving your body wholesome foods, working out regularly with Buddy Ball Band helps too to keep your core engaged and toned.

Here are some useful tips from our CEO Paula Stewart mom of two girls to keep her sanity during Covid and kids home schooling.

-Try to be social and join a virtual group online to do something you love like painting or cooking. Whatever makes you fell happy and relaxed and make more friends.

-Keeping time only to yourself apart from family and kids. Take a bath, write a journal or listen to some good meditation music and be mindful.

-Try a supplement of your choice to calm down your mind is important (I am trying the Adaptiv from doTERRA)

Also follow the tips from Yoga Coach Adriana Buenaventura from Tu Esplendor Unico below:

Right now, you may not be able to do everything you want for your body.

Having a professional massage is something that might not be available to you. But there is something else you can do!

I suggest you focus on small steps towards keeping your mental health.

— Have a family member give you a massage with Aromatouch and Lavender essential oils. These are such an amazing blends for tired muscles, to improve your breathing and to relax your nervous system. 👍

— If you have been binge-eating or drinking, be kind to yourself and try again.

Do not do further harm to yourself by beating yourself up afterwards.
You’ll only cause yourself more pain and stress, which causes you to cope harder… and so on. Self-criticism just amplifies the stress-coping loop.

Share a piece of advice that is working to keep your mental health!

And if you need more help just visit Adriana website at
Or at @tuesplendorunico in social media.



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