SALE BBB PRO Nutrition Pack Starter
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SALE BBB PRO Nutrition Pack Starter

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Do you love the Buddy Ball Band and you are getting results but you also need help with your nutrition guidance and don't know where to start?

We made it easy for you! in this Pro Nutrition Pack you will get the tips you need to start a healthy eating diet. Created by a Nutrition Certified Expert, Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN now you can see what makes you healthy and start making changes in your body. This pack in combination with your Buddy Ball Band System will rock your world girl!

This pack is worth $300! same as a few meetings with a Registered Dietitian.

You will get the following:

-Mindful Eating Handout
-Building a Healthy Snack
-Nutrients Necessary for Life
-Three Days Plant Diet (Detox)
-Inflammation Meal Plan Recipe Book
-Frozen to Fabulous! Healthy Dinners with Frozen ingredients.
-Ultimate Guide to Building a Healthy Kitchen

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