Best Buddies Deal with Buddy Ball Band! Get two and SAVE!

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Same System but for two, your husband, BFF or workout buddy! or to just add extra burn (yes! use one in your leg and arm together or both legs for a double killer!) just buy two and get a discount! Save $9!

It happens to everyone. You're in the zone. The ball drops. And rolls. Don't you just hate that?

The Buddy Ball Band System makes sure the ball stays in place so you stay in the zone!

It's a system designed to free you so you can focus on your exercise routine. and activate your core. No more disruptions or distractions! So you can keep running after your goals, not after the ball! Take it to the gym, the studio or use it at home!


- Two High quality elastic bands made of 75% nylon
and 25% silk latex that also works as a carrier for your mat and ball for easier transport

- Two Standard sized quality Pilates ball

- They come with its own carrier bag and bag hook.

- Free exclusive exercise video developed by professional fitness trainer with routines designed to get your core, butt and legs the in the most amazing shape possible.