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paula stewart
13 Feb , 2021

An exercise ball is an affordable and versatile tool for building strength, endurance, and stability in the core. By adding this simple tool to your exercise routine, you can add more intensity that can help create a more challenging core workoEut. The exercise ball is a great way to stay in shape wherever you go. Due to its small form size factor, it can fit seamlessly into your knapsack.

excercise ball for women

A proper core workout with exercise ball will not only help strengthen the core but will also help improve balance and coordination. It may take some time to get used to incorporating it into a daily exercise route but it's worth it. Maximizing your core workout with exercise ball routines is essential to building strong core muscles.

Here are a few core workout with exercise ball to try at home:

Ball Marches

This is fairly easy to do for a core workout with exercise ball. You start by sitting on the balls with your abs engaged, back straight and feet flat on the floor for support. Put your arms behind and place them on the ball or hold onto the wall for better balance. Lift your feet alternatively off the floor while keeping one on the ground.

Butt Lift

This is an amazing core workout with exercise ball that targets the glutes. Lie down on the while keeping your head, neck, and shoulders supported. The knees are to be bent and the body kept in a table-top position. Try and lower your hips towards the floor without letting the ball move.

Squeeze the glutes to raise the hips until your body is in a straight line like a bridge. Apply pressure to the hips for added intensity and make sure that your heels are holding the pressure and not your toes.

Back Extension

Keep the ball under your hips/belly with the knees on the floor. Keep your hands behind your head or back and slowly roll down the ball. Lift your chest off the ball and bring in your shoulders until your body is in a straight line.This exercise may take some time to get used to but is a great core workout with exercise ball.

Plank With Toe Taps

This is an advanced method for a core workout with exercise ball. It's advisable to get familiar with the exercise ball before attempting this. Start by getting into a plank position while keeping your hands under your shoulders and feet on the ball.

Slowly take the right foot off the ball and tap it to the floor. Bring it back to the start and now tap the other foot to the floor.

Ab Rolls

This is quite a challenging core workout with exercise ball. To begin, place your hands on the ball in front of you, keeping your arms parallel to each other. Pull your belly button towards your spine and tighten your torso, then slowly roll forward while rolling the ball out as far as you can without straining your back.

Ball Twist

You start this exercise by first getting into a pushup position with your feet on either side of the ball. Try to use your ankles to hold onto the ball on either side to add some support. Keep your hands directly under your shoulders and make sure that your head and neck are aligned properly.

While holding your body in a straight line, pull in your abs and slowly rotate the ball to the right, keeping your shoulders level. Then to the left, while maintaining the same posture.

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